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Respect, Gratitude, Self-Control, Problem Solving, Adaptability, Communication.

The Sailing Movie is the epic tale of a boy's rights of passage as he and his family navigate a six thousand mile voyage, over three years, through sixteen countries. Sharing in their adventures, you'll find yourself stranded on a desert island, invited as guest speakers at the United Nations mandated University for Peace, dive deep into Panama city's ghettos, and spend time with a priest from from an isolated indigenous people that live high up, in Columbia's 14,000 ft. Sierra Madre mountains.

The Sailing Movie

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Life Skills Productions

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Based on the island of Maui, in Hawaii, Life Skills Productions teaches life skills education through hands-on experiential education, media production, and an online curriculum. There are three ways to get involved: 1) watch the film, 2) do our curriculum exercises with the young people in your life, 3) participate in one of our immersive ten day charter sailboat retreats, 4) have your child age 7-10 attend our bi-monthly life skills classes on Maui.

Executive Director's Bio: 

Captain Ryan J. Luskin, M.A.

Film maker Ryan Luskin's professional career has spanned from working as a boat captain, for the Hawaii Department of Education as a teacher, an archeologist, environmental education non-profit director, and film maker. With an M.A. in anthropology/human ecology and a teaching credential from the University of Hawaii, Ryan is also a licensed 50 ton USCG captain. He has been certified as an EMT, licensed as a Realtor, credentialed as a secondary education teacher, certified as a Maui County lifeguard, and sailed over 11,000 blue water miles. He captained 6,000 of those miles and has owned four sailboats. Ryan visited over 100 countries before the age of 30, was awarded by the Maui News a "A Person who Makes a Difference," worked on the United States Senate floor under the vice president, and coordinated a youth conference in conjunction with the United Nations which brought over 700 youth from 102 countries to Oahu to create action plans to lead the world into to a better future. He is a former Rotarian, and board member of the Hawaii Environmental Education Association, Rotary Youth Committee, and the Haiku Community Association. He has written articles and published photographs in the international magazine FOAM, recorded a music CD, and is the executive producer of the sailing movie.

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