The Sailing Movie

Maybe our video series inspired you to live the “Sailing Dream.” Or, do you have the “travel bug,” thrive on the adventure, and want to learn from other cultures in the remote corners of our planet? Maybe you value life skills, the dream of being increasingly self-reliant, and living independently. Whatever your inspiration, by participating in our adventure-based education program and following the lessons documented in our video series, you will leave the Skills project with imprints of our adventures etched in the depths of your soul forever. In each custom sailing retreat, we will explore the remote corners of the planet, share with people from different cultures, gain skills, and wrap it all up by producing a video episode to share what we’ve learned in our expedition with the world.

The project began with three years six thousand miles sailing expedition through sixteen countries to film a video series that would explore the life skills necessary to have as humanity navigates into an uncertain future. Told from the perspective of young Saelyn, we interviewed hundreds of people about 1) where the world is headed and 2) what skills one would need to prepare for that world. In the series, you’ll find interviews with heads of state at the United Nations University for Peace, Kogi Shamans high in Columbia’s Sierra Madre Mountains, Rasta-men, Musicians, and more. Based on the lessons we learned surviving on the sea, living our sailing dream, Ryan has developed the Skills Program: a life skills sailboat based training program.

Through the Skills project, we will learn to navigate the unique corners of the planet…and ourselves. This active participation curriculum is designed to explore both the character and practical life skills necessary to thrive in any situation you might find yourself in. It is for people that are grateful for the opportunity to experience life’s wonders, move past fear, learn to problem solve, be adaptable, and work in a community so that we thrive. The sailboat is a metaphor for independence, and the vehicle will be the challenges we’ll face together on our voyage of self-discovery. Ryan will be your guide, but the journey is yours. How will we navigate the sea of life? Where are we going to go? What obstacles are we going to overcome to get there? How will we address the inevitable interpersonal conflicts that will arise and learn to live and work together in harmony? Your journey will be incredible… a fantastic challenge that stimulates your mind, body, and spirit.