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About the Film's Artwork

One of the Sailing Movie executive producer Ryan Luskin's best friends is also named Ryan! Ryan McVay. Or, RMC. He is such a supportive and good friend...that when Luskin asked McVay to paint an image for the film...McVay painted a triptych of three very profound paintings.  The first, the Wanderer, is a sailboat towing a globe.  The question is...what is inside the globe? The second, which shows books on a beach with a sailboat, symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge in the film and life long learning. The third and final painting, called the "Trinity," shows what you could see inside image one, the "Warnder." It is adult Saelyn ascending in this life as a result of the impact this epic journey had on him.  

About Ryan McVay

McVay, is very bizarre and fantastic.  One of the rare creative types that has the alchemist’s ability built right in.  He captivates the world around him with his ease of ability, infectious smile and a passion for life.

Born in rural Oregon he stayed inspired focusing his attention on all the beauty that was abound.  He started surfing, skating, and snowboarding between the ages of 3 and 8.  As a toddler he showed great promise with his artistic skills, and natural talent immediately recognized.  His teachers supported this ability on through his years of formal education.  His automatism and Surreal style strengthened extensively during his early teen years.   When he was in his junior and senior years of high school his art teacher allowed him to create large scale works in the attic by himself for the entire school year, which were later hung in the library and office of the school after his graduation.

Turning on the torch for glass blowing in beginning of 1997, the west coast of the U.S. became his stomping ground for  experiencing and sharing his gifts of art, music and life.  He Became dedicated to the arts, blowing glass, painting, design, culinary, music as well as expanding his knowledge as a draftsman .  This Avant-garde life led to competing in the realm of extreme snowboarding for many years.  Yet, after a few major injuries in Ryan’s mid 20’s he decided to set the snow aside for some softer waves and moved his lifestyle to Maui, Hi.  He started showing his works of art in prominent Galleries all across Maui including 505 Front Street in Lahaina.  Ryan was invited to share his work for many years at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Wailae, as well as getting juried into  the prestiges Art Maui multiple times.

He became a father which focused his intention even further.  So in 2011 he started a corporation  with a friend called 9th Wave Gallery which helped some of Hawaii’s surf artists get recognized from Hawaii all the way to Japan.  Creating, filming, designing, and traveling led Ryan to feel the need to slow down and nurture his own family and success.  So in 2012 he moved his family to Nevada City, Sierra Mountains of California where he has built his own home and started the Ellu Gallery to take it all to the next level.

Ryan’s relaxed and spiritual nature and passion for life is captured in his one of a kind works of art that have been collected internationally from blown glass to paintings.  As for his life his friends call it “The Magic Carpet Ride.”

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